Sex after child birth!

When is it safe to have sex after giving birth? It is advisable to wait at least 6 weeks post birth, to reduce the risk of infection while your womb (uterus) is healing and to allow the tissues to repair, but ultimately it’s up to you.  When will I feel like having sex after the

Hypnobirthing with the Positive Birth Company

Hypnobirthing is a logical approach to childbirth. The tools and techniques you will learn on a course are hugely beneficial for Mums, birth partners and babies! You will find the relaxation techniques you practice in pregnancy can be used not only for birth but life in general.

Return to exercise after having your baby!

It is recommended that you wait 6-8 weeks before you return to exercise after having your baby…but what does that actually mean? Basically it takes 6-8 weeks for your soft tissues to heal. So it doesn’t mean that at 6-8 weeks after having your baby you can head straight back to your regular CrossFit/Zumba/Spining class