How to get comfortable in bed when you are pregnant.

POSTED ON February 13, 2019 BY Laura

Discomfort at night is the most common complaint from the clients in my Women’s Health Physiotherapy clinic based in Cornwall so knowing how to get comfortable in bed when you are pregnant is a winner!

So this is how I recommend my ‘bumps’, especially those in pain, to sleep. With one pillow under your waist to support your spine and your bump, and a second pillow between your knees down to your ankles.

I am not pregnant but you can see here how much more symmetrical and supported my spine and hips are in the second picture!

As a Physio I try not to recommend lots of expensive ‘gadgets’ such as the huge pregnancy pillows that are on the market, although many people do speak very highly about them (and I am certainly not saying they aren’t worth trying). I just figure its always best to try simple things, like a couple of normal pillows, that you might even have spare at home. A v-shape pillow can be very useful for tucking under your bump and between your knees, this avoids having lots of pillows potentially annoying your other half AND they aren’t usually too expensive, plus it also double up as a feeding pillow for once baby has made its entrance into the world!

Our breastfeeding bra is so comfy that if you are finding your boobs need a little extra support at night you can always try wearing it to see if it helps!

If you do want to try a specific pregnancy pillow the bbhugme looks like a great option and has lots of good reviews.


Without pillows.

With 2 normal pillows.

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