Here are some of our most frequently asked questions but if there’s something you’d like to know that we haven’t covered, please feel free to contact us, we are always happy to help!

What size should I buy?

During Pregnancy

As a general rule you should buy your normal pre-pregnancy size.  Our maternity activewear is designed to stretch and grow as your bump gets bigger.



The leggings are designed to give you a snug fit to support your abdomen once you’ve had your baby. Order your normal size, don’t size up or they might fall down!!! 

If you’re breastfeeding and/or large-busted, it’s recommended that you size up on the tops, whilst sticking with your normal size for the sports bra as you want the support. 

Which items can I breastfeed in?

The breastfeeding sports bra, pre and postnatal top, sweatshirt and postnatal tank top (in mint, grey and black), are all breastfeeding friendly! 

When should I start wearing Ottilie Activewear?

You’ll notice the changes in your body quite early in your pregnancy.  Many of our customers tell us they wish they’d switched earlier. Nobody has ever said ‘I wish I’d waited longer before buying your clothes’!   Why endure the discomfort of leggings that are tight round your belly and fall down when you bend over?  Or tops that ride up over your bump and don’t offer the support you need?

How supportive is the breastfeeding sports bra?

The amount of support you get from the bra will vary depending on the size of your boobs. 

For a small to medium bust the bra is perfect for everything from Yoga to running, whilst very large busts might find they need a some additional support when doing high impact exercises. 

I've had a C-section; Can I still wear the postnatal leggings?


Both the pre and postnatal leggings are designed with a low, V-waistband to keep seams away from C-section scars or low-sitting bumps. 

You’ll find the postnatal leggings will be a fantastic support to your C-section scar and your abdomen postnatally, like a constant hug!